Why are we putting compassion in the spotlight?

We believe that if compassion will rise up in humanity to meet worldwide challenges, doors to a better and brighter future for our planet will open. We believe compassion can be fed by sharing and inspiring.

We see that compassion is at the core of humanity and we think it should also be at the core of human activity. With this film we will explore reconnecting with compassion. The film will be co-created with… you! Read more…

Tension: Tremendous developments have been made in the last century in the economy, industry and healthcare, from industrial, technological and digital perspectives. On the other hand, human values ​​have come under ever more pressure from, for example financial, economic motives, climate change and the flood of refugees. Transition is needed, transition is underway. Compassion is essential for this transition.

“Compassion is an orientation of mind that recognizes pain and the universality of pain in human experience and the capacity to meet that pain with kindness, empathy, equanimity and patience. While self-compassion orients to our own experience, compassion extends this orientation to others experience.”


Christina Feldman – Willem Kuyken 2011