Barbara Doeleman – van Veldhoven

BFC Mindfulness & Compassion | Be Free and Connected

Dancer – gazer – connector – daughter – sister – lover – mother – facilitator

authenticity – truthfulness – purity – beauty in the unpolished – wisdom – interdependence – love – compassionate healthcare

Commitment: Integration of mindfulness and compassion in society

Pim Giel

Happy Motion Foundation | VIVAPLUS Videoproductions

Passionate filmmaker in search of compassion between people and always open to something new.

healthcare – sustainability – an alternative to the current economic model – purity

Commitment: Films that create a positive contribution to the solution of a problem

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We Compassion is a intiative from Barbara Doeleman – van Veldhoven (BFC Mindfulness & Compassion) in collaboration with Happy Motion Foundation.
Happy Motion is recognized as a charitable institution (ANBI), and has no profits.
A donation to an ANBI is tax deductible.

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Stichting Happy Motion
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