The story will be based on the images and stories of everyday people in their homes or at work. We will show the role that compassion plays: healthcare, education, defence, entrepreneurship, legal systems and politics. We will explore the meaning of compassion in different settings and relationships such as:

  • employer – employee
  • healthcare professional – patient
  • teacher – pupil
  • prosecutor – defendant

Finalised Documentary Content

The film is about the human capacity to live and act from compassion and how this contributes to the ‘human value’ of the current socio-economic system.

We want to invite the audience to reflect on how compassion contributes to health, happiness, peace and the quality of products and services.

Central question: Can we change our current socio-economic systems by cultivating more compassion? In other words: if we further develop the human value that is expressed in our capacity to be compassionate; will this contribute to the quality of our lives here on earth, our services and products?

Tension: Tremendous developments have been made in the last century in the economy, industry and healthcare, from industrial, technological and digital perspectives. On the other hand, human values ​​have come under ever more pressure from, for example financial, economic motives, climate change and the flood of refugees. Transition is needed, transition is underway. Compassion is essential for this transition.