We will use your short films to make the first film ever to be made by the world.

Guidelines for your short film

  • Make your own film with a smartphone (landscape) or camera.
  • Maximum of 4 minutes interview or film cuts.
  • Please speak your native language and place or provide subtitles in English.
    Let us know which language you speak.
  • No commercial goals ​and ​pictures visible on screen.
  • You can post your video on our Facebook page.
  • You must send your video as MP4 or MOV via wetransfer.com to info@wecompassion.com or by uploading it to our dropbox cloud storage. Please leave your name and e-mail address.

More guidelines:

Shoot horizontal, not upright
Do not shoot against the light


Capture your experience of compassion on film and share it with the world. You are absolutely free to tell your story about compassion in your way. If you are looking for inspiration, you could look at the following questions:

  • Who do you think is a very compassionate person and why?
  • How do you act from compassion in your life? (work, family, friends etc.)
  • What would change in the world if humankind could cultivate more compassion?

For organisations:

  • Why are your organisation’s results better now ‘compassion’ is a clear factor in your organisation?
  • What has compassion in an organisation to do with success?
  • How leads compassionate leadership to better results?